Longhorn Beef




Our Longhorn cows here on the farm are grass fed, living stress free on the estate and being housed over the more miserable winter months eating Hay and Silage made on the farm.  The majority of cows on the farm are home bred and are either bred with a Longhorn Bull or another breed such as south Devon, Aberdeen Angus, Limousin or Charolais.  We currently have a fine stock of Longhorn X calves which will be reared on the farm with some of the heifers being kept as breeding stock for the future.  We have a lovely group of what we call 'The No Horns' who we have bred over the years, a combination of Longhorn crossed with Limousin, Blonde and British Blue who are lovely quiet cows which always rear a super calf for the market.


Pure Longhorn beef was the resounding winner of a  'tasting' competition conducted by Country Life magazine to find Britains Best Steak - A panel of judges found the Longhorn Steak to be 'delicious', very sweet and melt in the mouth and soft on the palate.  One judge said that Longhorn was the perfect steak!.


We have had a break for a few years in producing Beef for the table sold from the farm but watch this space for future sales announcements!! ?


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